Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt

Hello and welcome to my website, I'd like to introduce myself I am Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt.

I am a Spiritualist Medium and currently touring the Uk with my very successful mediumship demonstrations.

As a Psychic Medium I aim to provide evidence of life after life by getting links from loved ones in spirit for people in the audience with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and all-sorts of personal information


"Hi Nikki I attended your evening last night and just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent"

"I have seen many mediums and psychics over the years and you are by far the best and most accurate the details you give are amazing"

"My god went to see Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt tonight my mum came through soooo happy she was spot on with everything.. Thank you Nikki amazing night"

Having been aware of spirit my whole life I went along to my local spiritualist church when I was 17, and that was it.  I went to demonstrations and services regularly and started to sit in open circles and then a closed circle to develop my natural psychic and mediumship abilities.   I was invited to committee and helped run the local spiritualist church in Plymouth for a while.

Over the years through development I have attended many workshops and spiritual awakening sessions with many different spiritual groups always learning and trying new experiences from table tipping and past life regression to drumming circles, sound baths and shamanic sweat lodge as well always psychic and mediumship development workshops.  You never stop learning and developing, spirituality is a huge part of my life and being, and I continue to learn and share everything I can.

For a while I ran development workshops to share my experiences the things I have learnt and experienced in order help others to develop their own psychic and mediumship abilities.  

Although I enjoy all aspects of development and using my psychic intuition with tools such as Oracle cards, dowsing, psychometry, even tea leaf readings, mediumship has always been what I know and is solely what I have to do and share with everyone.  I have been aware of spirit my whole life and so have no doubt that we carry on after this physical life.  Through my mediumship demonstrations my aim is to give evidence, confirmation and comfort that all our loved ones in spirit are very much still with us just in a different way.

I am completely grateful being able to do this and feel blessed that so many support my demonstrations.

Love and Blessings

Nikki  x x 

Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt
Mediumship demonstration with Nikki Kitt
psychic medium Nikki Kitt



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